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    The mystery man

    My friend really want to knowe who this character is. I have watched all of dragonball,dragonball z, dragonball GT and dragonball super but i dont remember seeing anyone like him so he is probably from a spinnof series or movie that i have missed. He looks green so he might be a namekian but then again i dont remeber any namekians like him.

    I am sorry the quality on the images are so bad but i found them on a tierlist maker. Goodbye for now.

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    • That character is Medamatcha. He was a sub-villain in only one movie, and that movie was Lord Slug. He made a cameo in the movie Fusions Reborn. Here is the page for him on this wiki.

      I hope I was able to help. If you ever need my help again, you can find me on the Discussions Page, as the Forums Page will close soon. If you need help finding the Discussions page, you may click the picture of Shenron the Dragon who is flying about the words "Dragon Ball Wiki" on the banner at the top of this page. If you would rather prefer, you may use this link or punch in these word on your URL.

      Just put a slash after the words "" and then use the letter "f"

      If you wish to talk to me again on the Discussions Page, simply open up your comment box and punch in this. " @Ya Boi King Kai " and I will appear.

      Hope I could help!

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