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  • Here's some ideas that maybe people like Masakox could cover. Tell me what you think:

    1. What if Goku was raised by Ox King?

    2. What if Dr. Gero became good?

    3. What if Master Roshi taught Max Power to his students?

    4. What if King Piccolo became good?

    5. What if Frieza didn't destroy Planet Vegeta?

    6. What if Bardock invaded Kanassa before Goku was born?

    7. What if the Nameless Namekian never made it to earth?

    8. What if Kami also gained youth from King Piccolo's wish?

    9. What if Chichi never stopped training?

    10. What if Dragon Ball Super was a sequel to GT?

    The fourth one may be a bit of a stretch, but what does everyone think? 

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