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  • OK, I just looked at the page for Chiaotzu and it put his height at 4'6" - What the crap?! If that were the case then he would be only 2 feet shorter than Piccolo! (last time I checked Piccolo's page puts him at about 6'6") I don't think Chiaotzu even comes up to Piccolo's knees! I mean Chiaotzu has been shorter than Krillin since they were kids in the 22nd world martial arts tournament and even in the Namek/Frieza Saga Krillin couldn't have been much taller than Gohan - who was only about 5 to 6 years old at the time. Considering Chiaotzu never seems to age I'm going to assume he's not much taller than when he was first introduced in Dragon Ball. (I'm going to blame Chiaotzu's "eternal youth" on the fact that he's clearly based on a Jiang-Shi - which is basically a chinese vampire/zombie) Given this information I refuse to believe that Chiaotzu is over 3 feet in height (he's probably closer to 2'6")

    Do any of the character's heights listed on this site bother anyone else or is that just me? Because even if the original creator of the series said that Chiaotzu was 4'6" I would still assume that they just picked that height at random since it does not fit into the continuity of the actual series.

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    • I realised that too its right BS when it comes to height

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    • Wrong, Piccolo Jr is 226cm = 7'5" and Sr. is 250cm = 8'2" Chiaotzu is supposed to be the same height as Kid Trunks from Z and he is as Tien says he is taller than Goten, in series.

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