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  • Before the Brolly movie came out I said somewhere that Gogeta did not exist because Fusion Reborn and GT weren’t canon.

    In the Brolly movie, Goku and Vegeta talk like Fusion Reborn never happened and they name Gogeta for the first time during the movie.

    This proves that I was right !

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    • You should have known this before Super even started to be honest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's widely known that GT isn't canon, much like all of the movies pre-Super.

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    • GT could have been considered canon, up until God Ki, Gods of Destruction, Angels and Zeno, and Super Saiyan God was introduced.. so Battle of Gods is the movie that deplaced GT from possible canon. Then they released the official Dragon Ball timeline and GT was not on it, only Dragon Ball, Kai, and Super were.

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    • Believe it or not lots of people on this wiki disagreed with me on this and said Fusion Reborn was canon.

      Others too.

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