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  • A lot of people ive met say he's 5th dimensional but I've recently figured out hes quite a bit higher than that with consistent metafictional feats that put him way higher than most characters, so I am personally mixed on him, could he take a strong character such as DC's [Empty hand]?

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    • If you are using any videogame feats and info then you got it wrong. Only the manga and anime should be considered here trust me on that one.. for example in the Heroes videogame there are insane cards like a suped up Yamcha and some other nonsense. The heroes manga is more story driven, and the anime loosely follows the manga.. so going by that Goku Xeno is tied with DBS CC Goku and we find out that DBS CC Goku is from after the ToP as is DBS CC Vegeta and DBS Future Trunks.

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    • Depends on your preference really, I use the video game one who has insane feats just in base form.

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