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  • Hello!

    It’s that time of the month again!(around the 20th) DBS Chapter 51 is out! You can read it yourself for a limited time free of charge at Viz media’s official site. A link will be at the end of the post.

    This thread is for discussing the current chapter of the DBS manga, theories, what you liked, what you hope to see. You name it! So I’ll provide a brief summary of what happened if you don’t feel like reading it.

    In this chapter we got mostly exposition and a set up for what seems to be a truly thrilling arc, Vegeta is growing and expanding his combat horizons to more indirect methods by going to the Yardrats to receive training and Goku, after realizing that Merus is hiding quite a bit of power, is training with Merus of the Galactic Patrol to attain Ultra Instinct! We also get a neat glimpse of where our final stage may be, Earth! Some sneaky outlaws(let out in the previous chapter) are headed to Earth to get some treasure!

    I dropped off for a few months so I missed a couple chapters, feel free to discuss those here as well.

    I personally am suspicious of Merus, he seems a little fishy but perhaps it’s just because he is hiding his full power, as Goku realized.

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    • I really like this slow build up feel for the Moro arc, it really feels like Dragon Ball again. I think that’s due to not simply rushing through the material to get ahead. I can’t wait to see if Goku gets UI under his belt and what sort of techniques Vegeta learns.

      I also really hope the rest of the cast get in on it, the final battle does look like it’ll take place on earth.

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