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  • I just wanted to talk about a couple of character progressions.

    Super Namekian(actual new form)

    Super Human

    Gohan Advancements

    I would like to see Krillin, Piccolo and Gohan come further into the story with their own new forms and importance, what do you all think?

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    • Super Namekian God for Piccolo, Gohan gets God Ki and adds it to his Potential Unleashed power. Tien gets a God form, Krillin gets a "Super Human God" form. It brings them back up strong enough to be direct combat support and not just fodder to be flicked aside. Gohan now has the edge in power over Vegeta and Goku again, but their experience keeps them at the frontline.

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    • I still don’t agree with Potential Unleashed being an actual form, it seemed more like a base boost but, I digress.

      I would really like to see Piccolo and Krillin the most obtain something like what you said.

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    • I think after the whole Tournament of Power. Beerus and Whis should think about training the other Z Fighters to utilize God Ki. They should go back to the theme of not relying on Goku and Vegeta all the time. Gohan should obtain a new sayian state due to being a hybrid like Trunks did with Super Sayian Rage. Tien will most likely be the human that comes up with some new transformation like Enlightened Human State. Piccolo could probably tap into some Dragon Force Power due to Namekians have a connection to Dragon Balls (unless that canon has been altered) I think Android 18 and Android 17 are due for upgrades as well, but no idea what since they don't need anymore mechanical enhancements. This is all needed to keep the side characters revelant in this expanding universe.

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    • I agree completely, I’m not sure about if canon has been altered or not but I’m still counting Nameks as Dragon Ball creators.

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    • I would like Master Roshi to get God Ki and he would have better experience then Goku and Vegeta, I just wanna see Roshi become really powerful again.

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