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  • I just hope they won't get Launch-ed and won't be even shown in it with their homeworld being at such stakes. Sure, they won't defeat Broly at his new reincarnation's power level but at least show up to the battle.
    Heck, even Piccolo is present there (if the Gogeta theory is correct, which as of yet after 3 trailers is still just a theory, he's probably going to take Pikkon's role in buying Goku and Vegeta time to fusion dance), and most likely Trunks and Goten (even if only for the purpose of demonstrating Vegeta the Fusion moves).
    Akira Toriyama said he watched the original 3 Broly films when asked to rewrite him for Super, Gohan was prominent in 2/3 of them just like Trunks and Goten - However depicted more serious when it came to fighting the Legendary Super Sayian, so why was he left out? Krillin was always there to land a hand even when he was dust in comparison to the enemy &/ even rusty.
    It's not a problem today, since the Toriyama handjobs begun back in 2014 while working on Resurrection 'F', to give someone an unexplained power boosts to realms he couldn't reach back in the original Dragon Ball run. I don't need to see another ToP Android 17 (if he did showed up, I seriously hope he was the only casualty from the Earth. With Broly tearing him apart), no Android 18 (just because she was a secondary fighter in "Bio-Broly"), or Videl (no need to pull another Master Roshi writing just because she was in DBZ Movie 10). But I believe the narrative of the franchise is that which these two listed in the title of this post should be present in major battles.

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    • Toriyama is really forgetting everyone...

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