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  • What if the writing staff/s and or Toriyama had actually tried to flesh things out a little, like giving us an explanation in Resurrection 'F' how many "stellar regions" did Frieza's empire had? Sorbet was the staff officer of the 3rd Stellar Region "army" but who were the other (at least) 2? Why not make it ssems like each stellar region is a quadrant of the 7th Universe or a defined part of the Northern Quadrant if you want to leave room for more dubious and sinister creatures like Babidi, Yakon and even Pui-Pui to run around "wild" somewhere and somehow out there without Frieza being aware of them/communicating with them... I'd personally write it as if the empire was divided into 5 stellar regions that are mainly in the Northern Quadrant, with some diffusion to other quadrants here and there.

    Also, why wasn't it stated that besides being worn back when Tagoma glanced over Frieza conversing with Captain Ginyu and Dodoria, and apperantly also by Kikono, Berryblue and Lemo in the past section of the new Broly movie, that this kind of armors are like different than the common ones in some traits like durability or something? Just a suggestion.

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