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  • Now when Broly was canonized and inserted into the main continuity, I think that perhaps it would've been best to use the time gap between Kid Buu's defeat and the Earth's going back to normal till Beerus' first appearance to include these listed above in the main timeline as steps of progress of fighting interdimensional threats (Janemba as a crimelord from the Demon Realm who tries to absorb all evil ki that had been stored/fading into the atmosphere within the Otherworld in the last centuries in order to break through to our dimension and become the "ruler of all beings in the 7th Universe") and another intergalactic threat (Hirudegarn being developed some more to be a monster with the abillity to manipulate the strings of reality which Hoi can use as a mean to become the ruler of all tenses of time with Tapion is the only one who knows his weakpoints, no need to force Future Trunls' sword into it, Tapion has a sword from his homeworld and Future Trunks has one that was made by his late grandparent, Dr. Brief, in hope it'll be able to cut through the Androids of their timeline) BEOFRE MOVING TO THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION DISH.

    The 2008 is nice overall, if they'll change the connection between Vegeta and Tarble into COUSINS (as brothers do not fit due to 2 obvious reasons: 1) it's TOO FORCED; 2) the power gaps between King and Prince Vegeta to the weakling Tarble is too much, even if they're "half-brothers" = not descendants of the same woman) and have Tien (communicating with Launch) and Chiaotzu there as well,  also Abo and Cado should be described as if they were the intermediate rank between Zarbon & Dodoria to the Ginyu Force rather than their equals; it'll be alright for a 3-4 episodes mini-arc.

    What do you think?

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    • It won't change anything and DBS will still suck

      Also you can't make janemba movie canon without remaking it first because you can't put the timeline from the movie beetween official timeline

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    • Nobody said that the movie Janemba was canon, I said Toei could have used him as one of the phases between Kid Buu to Beerus, since this jump seemed too high for me in retrospect. Janemba in my suggestion is not related to the Otherworld, he's a Demon Realm crime lord who wants to use the evil energy gathered over the Otherworld to increase his initial power (which is roughly around Super Buu's) to increase to realms which cause the Universe be at stakes, he wishes to occupy the entire 7th Universe: Normal reality & Demon Realm alike.

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    • The jump to the top being in the universe instead of exploring it some more is the issue.

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