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  • As we know, the deities like Beerus and the Supreme Kai's are natural divine as well as the Angels, Supreme Kai's come from a Golden Fruit for which they are born with natural God Ki, whilst God's of Destruction go from being Mortal to becoming Natural Deities through the Destroyer training by the respective Universe Angel, yet Goku and Vegeta are mortals who utilise God Ki through regulating it in their base and Super Saiyan state, making Super Saiyan Blue, but it isn't natural, unlike Goku Black, who took a mortal Goku body as a vessel, whilst being a natural born deity, creating Super Saiyan Rose instead, so, my question, if Goku was to be given natural God Ki from the likes of the Surpreme Kai, and not regulate it as he normally does, will be become the likes of a good version of Super Saiyan Rose, but with white hair instead? and if so, he he turned Super Saiyan using regulated God Ki, he'd go Blue, but then uses natural God Ki, he turn's Super Saiyan White, or in my own name, Supreme Super Saiyan?

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