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  • Kefla's page states that she was equal to SSB Goku in her SSJ form and was only able to wound SSB Kaioken Goku due to favourable circumstances and catching him by surprise.

    But every single person on this wiki's Vs threads calls me a Kefla lowballer when I say this and they say that Kefla is much more powerful than SSB Kaioken Goku.

    My question is that, since the entire Wikia unanimously disagrees with it, why is that written on her page ?

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    • The fact that Kafla one shot SSBKK x20 Goku with a single kick and how that kick rivaled the Spirit Bomb and pushed Goku to UI before she even went SSJ2 proves that Kafla is stronger than SSB Goku.

      She was also able to take UI Goku’s Attacks and not be affected by them as well, and UI Sign is much stronger than Blue, so that’s further proof that Kafla is stronger than Blue Goku.

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