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  • I know Xeno is the "King" but i wonder if Jiren can beat Xeno.

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    • If you ask me, yeah. Zeno has a lot of power but he's not omnipotent, he's just put in power. I think someone with enough power could probably just yeet him into death. That being said, if Zeno died, who knows what would happen to the cross-universal politics.

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    • Zeno can survive his own erasing ability like when he erased the future multiverse. He was the only thing left. 

      The Gods explain that Zeno's durability is set to infinite like in video games with the invincibility cheat on that prevents the player from being hurt by absolutely anything and he has the moderation ability of kicking other characters from the server called "Existance" even if they have their own invincibility cheat on. As Zamasu did.

      Jiren doesn't have that. So while Jiren has the status of SuperBoss with all his stats up to max. It's still inferior to Zeno's status and Zeno can defeat him. Jiren can't beat him.

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    • Jiren, the Angels, UI Goku, the very top tier of GoDs, and High Priest can probably surprise Zeno with a speedblitz and superior fighting skills, as shown by Zeno being unable to properly follow some fights on his own without aid of a device. 

      However, all it'd result in is Zeno getting up, dusting off, and destroying as much as he is in the mood to destroy after being annoyed, along with the attacker. 

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    • who is xeno? i thought it was a timeline

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    • A FANDOM user
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