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  • You know that Dragon Ball had never had any major recurring villains before. Most of the villains that got defeated in the arc they don't come back and replaced by new villains. However the closet we got was Tao and Pilaf and they were reduced to comic relief after theri debut arc even Frieza got killed early in the androids arc and stayed that way until Super and resucertion F. Most villains appear in fillier and gt as minor characters but in RoF and Super series Frieza came back twice and played a major role in both arcs. Frieza at this is the only recurring villain while the other unreformed villains stayed dead and other villains that reformed are Vegeta,Piccolo,Buu,and the android twins even the pilaf gang. At this rate Frieza is the only unreformed villain to appear. What are your thoughts on this?

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