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  • Hi everyone, I'm Brandon, Sr. Manager of Content Production here at FANDOM.

    As you probably know, over the last year we have been producing Featured Videos for wiki pages. These are reference and explainer videos that compliment text-based content by delivering information in an entertaining and visually-engaging way for an audience that is increasingly looking for video content online. Featured Videos have also allowed us to remove 30% of the advertisements on every wiki page, and as a result the average page load times on desktop have decreased by 46%. Between that and our growing content offerings, Featured Videos have been a big success on FANDOM and on Dragon Ball Wiki so far.

    Starting tomorrow, we will be testing a new alpha feature called Recommended Videos to reach an even wider audience. This is a video module and player on non-Featured Video pages. We will be testing a few different versions with different placements, such as on the left-hand side of the screen or the bottom of the screen. Dragon Ball Wiki will be used to help test this, with variations of the Recommended Videos module appearing throughout the wiki.

    Through this test we plan to learn:

    • Which design do users and readers interact with the most?
    • Which design increases the amount of time someone spends on the site?

    The engagement data we gather from users and readers on Dragon Ball Wiki will help inform what the final product looks like and how it functions, which we plan to release globally some time in the next few months.

    We will be using pre-existing FANDOM-produced Dragon Ball videos and the occasional official trailer for this test, which will run over the next few weeks. It may end earlier than planned depending on when we have enough meaningful data to draw conclusions from.

    If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

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