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  • Look, I know this might be "obvious" to most of you guys but I've only seen him in Evolution and in Runaways, and occasionally when he guest stars in some of the shows I watch. But how in the world did you guys link Zamasu's voice immediately with James Marsters? And why? Do you guys hate James or something and think he is a terrible actor with a terrible role? I mean seriously, why would James be in a franchise that ruined his career? 

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    • I though he was in the role because of these videos, threads, posts, etc about it.

      Now that i've seen a bit of his voice, he does sound slightly like him. Honestly David Gray, i don't really like his voice for Zamasu, James would have been better.

      Anyway it didn't ruin his career, he's had many roles after that.

      Edit: According to IMDb David Gray is James, not sure what to think about that.

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    • He was also Braniac in Smallville and Captain John Hart in this little show.

      Also, if you are gonna bash James Marsters just because he was in a terrible movie. You might as well bash Sir Patrick Stewart because he was in the emoji movie.

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    • I loved Smallville.

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    • He was first hinted at by one of the Xenoverse cast members who compared the casting for Xenoverse to Seychelle Gabriel (who played Yue in Last Air Bender - the shitty live action version) being cast in Legend of Korra. Then people noticed Zamasu's voice sounding just like Marsters and kept trying to find confirmation.

      He seems to be using a pseudonym for legal reasons but it's him. His Xenoverse pseudonym is Sam Majesters which is a literal anagram of James Marsters.

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    • For what it's worth, when James Marsters was cast in Evolution, he watched DB to study up on his character. He ended up liking it and becoming a fan, and reportedly gave off a furious protest about his character's movie design being unlike the original

      ^Apparently the movie's failure hasn't particularly changed that fact. He voiced Zamasu in Xenoverse 2 under the above pseudonym, and 'David Gray' may or may not be him as well, based on the preview dub voice for DBS's Ep. 53

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    • David Grey seems to be him too. It sounds just like Xeno Zamasu, albeit done better which is likely due to getting better voice direction than Xenoverse.

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