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  • Let's pretend that all the filler and GT factions truly exist in the canon universe, what do you think about them in comparison to King Cold's Family's Empire (Cooler's faction included)?

    Here is my opinion: I believe Frieza's Army had roughly 40% of the population (not planets) of Universe 7 under their control at their peak, so Beerus will have a reason to acknowledge them while he had no idea of who is Majin Buu.

    Garlic Jr.'s forces (Spice Boys included)

    Garlic Jr. Gang art Heroes

    An utter joke, they must be the "bad boys" of Planet Makyo, but that's it. They couldn't even stop characters who were weaker than Frieza's 10% true form.

    Turles Crusher Corps.

    Crusher corps poster

    I'd say they have control over a few dozen planets to establish a hope to conquer the universe, can't see them going around space demolishing planets for the Tree of Might without capturing any for their control/base of operations.

    Lord Slug's clan


    The same, I don't think they have over 100 planet subdued to their whims, and that they terra-freeze every place they land on.

    Broly/Paragus' "New Sayian Order" project


    After all the planets Broly destroyed in the South Galaxy, I'd say that they had kept at least 3-4 under their new "emerging universal control". Maybe these were planets like Shamu where they had their "supply" of manpower. And then it all went to shambles once the Z-Fighters arrived.

    Bojack's crew


    I'd say that in their prime they held many planets across the different four quadrants under their fist, and that amount was enough so all the Kai have jumped in to stop them for good. They perhaps even predated Chilled. Who knows?

    Babidi's Majin Forces

    Daizenshuu Majins

    Despite being canon, I'd say that he had never crossed paths with Frieza or Cold because he'd be gaining the upper hand on them as he did with Dabura, who is also a king ("ruler of the Demon Realm" - W-A-Y better than Frieza's self-proclaimed status).

    Dr. Myuu's "Baby Project"


    I'd say they had control ONLY over Planet Luud and M2, and that during all this time since Baby's original self (Tuffle's king) died in Age 730, they never posed a threat to Frieza's Empire as they were far away in the backwater Milky Way Galaxy, where the Frieza Force had yet to reach in masses. And perhaps they weren't THAT STRONG (over Majin Buu's tier to make GT more thrilling than Z) in Frieza's glory days. But again: who knows?

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