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  • I'm glad that No. 18 got rid of Ribrianne's ass, what an annoying, hypocritical bitch preaching about love and all, while hurling criticisms at Krillen. If she really was a proponent of true love, she wouldn't judge someone's appearance at all. After all, love knows no prejudices. SHE should take a look at herself in the mirror, lol. I really wish though that Kale and Cauilifla had a chance to fight her and Rozie; would have liked to see more female on female combat.

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    • Are people still mad about Brianne.

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    • Well, wounds such as her take some time to heal.

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    • Skar800 wrote:
      Well, wounds such as her take some time to heal.

      Although she was a big fat wound, I kinda admired how she and the rest of U2 not only embraced the end, but helped their entire universe cope with it.

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    • who cares how they cope? They're all going to be erased in 15 seconds anyway.

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    • A FANDOM user
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