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  • In Dragon Ball Super we saw that Katopesla used Ki to enchant his fists before he started attacking Vegeta.

    (I think it was Ki, if it was energy from his technology he would be disqualified... or would he? Since his mode change is not his own ability....)

    Either way it doesn't matter if it was his own Ki, or rather his suit used it's own energy... That doesn't change the main point, and the main point is about Enchanting body parts with energy. If I recall correctly we never saw it in DB franchise. Sure we saw people using Ki with their own fists or legs to increase their own physical attack... (Energy Punch for example), however we never seen them doing it for longer amount of time and  focusing this energy on more than just.... One Punch.

    Katopesla not only used it to Enchant his own Physical attacks with Ki, but also his Energy Waves... I know it might sounds stupid, but that's something amazing in my eyes. It was used by (not really) interesting character and did almost nothing however it opens so many possibilities.

    Imagine characters that uses ki based attacks... (almost everybody in DB universe). Now imagine that your custom created character, for example in Xenoverse ,can enchant their own legs and arms to deal more damage (it could be transformation for humans). IT SOUNDS COOL (at least in my opinion). But lets go further...

    We've seen people/aliens/dragons using elemental based techniques... Imagine Nuova Shenron or Pikkon enchanting their own limbs with fire... or wind... ice... water... thunder... earth... black holes... or even I dunno.... Toriyama toilet paper!

    It gives so many possibilites for series to grow and I hope that Toei and Toriyama will use enchanting in future games, anime, manga.... I really hope for it.

    Another thing would be Energy weapon creation showed us by Caway, sure they developed ki-maked-objects in Super... Back in DBZ we had only swords, now we've got scythes, spears, boomerangs, hammers... But why should we stop there? This another thing with GREAT potential. Let's go beyond weapons... Imagine Computer made from KI !!!! MUAHAHAHAAHAHA...

    No but to be series, I would love to see armour made from Ki. It would be another amazing way to add more "transformations") into games AND develop DB franchise with plenty new ideas for opponents.

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