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  • Hello guys! I'm here today to ask you guys how would you rate the characters in DB Xenoverse, Heroes, and Online compared to Super and the Gods of the Universe Arc. I honesly think that the charaters in the Xeno period such as Demigra, Mira, and Xeno Bardock is much stronger than in Super because they are basically fifth dimensional. They exist outside of time and can move within a place where time doesn't even exist, and you need time to move. Demigra even has the power to erase multiple timelines, and you think Zen-Oh is terrifying. Demigra's essense ALONE is even able to control the GT characters. And I know Xenoverse Goku, Beerus, and Whis can beat the Xeno characters but only because it is the characters from that continuity and they are way stornger than in Super. Even in Heroes, Goku and Vegeta had trouble with the Demon Gods and the Super Saiyan God avatars have trouble with the Demon Gods as well.

    But yeah, do you think the Xeno characters stand a chance agianst the Super characters?

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    • What about matches like:

      Future Warrior vs Goku

      Xeno Bardock vs Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black

      Demigra vs Fused Zamasu

      Demigra vs Beerus

      Mira vs Fused Zamasu

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    • Or techniques like:

      Demigra's wormhole vs Goku Black's Rift

      Dark Magic mind control vs Babadi's mind control

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    • at lest multiverse +

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    • first, as i know, the Xeno versions of Goku, Vegeta and Gohan are all based on Dragon Ball Online, with Goku at least being based as i have understood on the year 801 when he has his final battle with Vegeta as their lives were near to an end, and this Goku Xeno merely in his base state is able to battle Demigra with ease, and Vegeta Xeno should be very strong too as Demigra and the Time Breakers saw an actual use within him

      and if we take the fact that Online was actually Toriyama's work, that would mean Goku Xeno has the same godly training and godly forms (even that new form to appear in the "Tournament") as the Goku from Super, and while Super happens during the 10 years between Kid Buu's defeat and the epilogue of the original Manga, Online happens chronologically after GT (albeit discarding GT at all), so his training is even more

      and as Gohan kept his life even past Goku and Vegeta's disappeared, becoming an important scientist who turned the martial arts and the control of Ki into a science that the average person should be able to learn and later fighting Frieza's honor guards along the few Z Warriors remaining including Pan (who at that time is more tan 40 years old, being the youngest of the Z Warriors), Gohan Xeno could be from even later in time tan Goku Xeno

      in Trunks Xeno's case, only the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Manga properly explains how was Future Trunks recruited for the Time Patrol, but i don't believe that Manga is a reliable source. i think it differs between the Xenoverses and Toriyama's idea and the main factor is the greatest mistake of all the franchise. while in the Xenoverses Trunks meets Beerus and Whis being already a patroller and as such he should only be the Trunks from the timeline Whis created to give the future Trunks we know a home after all the Future Trunks Saga, Online says very little info about Trunks' past before meeting the Lord of Time (i call that entity Lord of Time cause i don't know who created the more defined Supreme Kai of Time character so i don't know if Toriyama would be able to respect her), so i think Toriyama's idea is that Trunks Xeno is the one we already know, and if you think it, that makes sense as he's not only stronger and wiser as he had to fight Zamas and Vegeta teached him that a warrior has to train even during peace cause at any moment a stronger enemy would appear, he's also responsible for more changes to the flow of time as Black's origin seems to be a paradox as Zamas was envious and resentful of Goku so he stole his body and traveled to Trunks' timeline to start his zero mortals "utopia", forcing Trunks to travel again to the main timeline for help with Black following him so Beerus and Whis should be able to sense his Ki, which made them suspect of Zamas so they would go to Universe 10 followed by Goku, who fought and defeated Zamas, causing him to feel the envy and resentment that made him steal Goku's body, so all that incident is in part Trunks' fault, and with all the experiences of the Future Trunks saga, Trunks Xeno should be even stronger and superior than if he's based on the new timeline created by Whis or as in Heroes Manga.

      now talking about villains, Demigra has obtained enough power to be needed at least the power of a god to fight him, and the Time Breakers are a force to recognize, Miira is recognized by Beerus as a strong being both phisically and in will as he had no fear in telling him to not interfere in his battle, and that without the forms he obtained during the God Missions (and we still have to properly know the new version of his Xenoverse 2 Final Form teased during the SDBH7 Trailer), same as with Towa, a recognized witch and scientist from Demon Realm and now with her evolutions as Ankoku Towa and Demon Goddess. and the Hosts of the Dark Dragon Balls, only Frieza may be inferior of equal to Frieza from DBS and FnF as this Frieza from DBS and FnF trained to become stronger than during his battle with Goku, but Frieza Xeno was from that original battle and he was possesed and empowered by the Dark Dragon Ball, being able to beat even Super Saiyan Goku with aparent ease, and he never experienced a dark evolution like Cell, Janemba or Slug

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    • dbo no longer works man the rewight some it end zi age 785 goku is only 40 right now so by age 800 he be 55 bt 809 he be 59 veger sia d ni suepr saiyan dont star gein old tel lafter 80 so wya goku veget fight od eath age 809 to do eb clsot o old age when nto clsoe to odl age the anth 20 eya beig young so sorry btu soem dbo jsut nto fit wit suepr nvoa goku evegta ar euvnrus bsut the be mreo super nvoas xneo goku has ssj4 ansd god ki so i dont se ehwo be dbo goku bwe ssj4 is nto ni dbo time line nor beerus

      no xeno turnks si nto dbs turnks

      draognball ehro shwo you that tha wya xneo turnsk dos not have blue hair like suepe turnks xv2 todl you suepr trunks and xeno turnks are not the some paosn so wya do think they are when dbh siad there not xv2 said there not xneo turnsk becoem tiem troo after ell sag unliek dbs turnks time tporl turnks never meat mai beerus him slef all fireza amry is dead so xneo goku for sur is nto suepr goku time liej the is no one lfit of frieza army there all dead time ptorls di dnto even know what sjgod was remeber with rmeo prof he nto dbs trunks

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