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  • I've wanted to create this ever since my recent discussions and the release of episode 104. However, I did not have the proper evidence to create this article adequate enough until today. This morning, I watched two power-scalers by the name of Seth the Programer and Chuck the Cyber Cuck basically explaining that the whole thing. Credible or not, they said that Dyspo is complete bullshit because of the fact that for some STUPID reason, we are just hitting light speed and citied evidence why it was bullshit and I was thinking as I watched this,  "WTF. If the water droplets thing in that fight against Beerus wasn't enough proof that Super is downplaying Goku's speed, this was." I mean seriously Goku went from faster than F***ing Superman when he was fighting Frieza and deflected that Death Ball, which is almost instantaneous, to as slow as, which speedsters is as slow as this, I don't really know any so I'm just going to say Naruto, who is a bit faster than the speed of light as well. THAT'S A BIG DOWNPLAY. Yep, Goku's now as fast as f**king Naruto, like seriously?? 

    The reason why I wanted to show you that is because I want to show all of you that you absolutly CANNOT power-scale Dragon Ball anymore, nor can you conclude ANYTHING is canon or not. There is too many inconsistansies that you can literally just pick evidense right out of the hat and call it whatever you want. For example, Fused Zamasu in the anime is considered by UnRealEnt Gaming's fans as weak ass bitch because his body was falling apart while manga Zamasu is much stronger becaues of his immortality and can make clones. (Yes, UnRealEntGaming's fans basically say that) or the fact that Chappil, the iron skin dude, is actually supposed to be stronger than anything in Dragon Ball Z, since Saiyan beyond God couldn't even injure him, making all of them weak since none of them can't even break Katchin. You see, canon or non-canon isn't black or white anymore. Nor can you really cite any feat unless it is from that certain source material. Because it realy depends on what you believe. I mean, there is SO much inconsistancies anything at this point can be considered non-canon except DB and DBZ.

    Before you say anything, I know I'm arguing someting completely different in another one of my forums but I want to have the final say in that one.


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    • Wow, quiet so far......

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    • i'll comment for you

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    • i love the imaginary axis' vids firstly, secondly i agree on your view of fusion zamasu, in the anime he is way stronger, a very, very, very, suppressed fusion zamasu took ssr trunks and ssb vegeta's combined beams just to overpower him, and he took on vegito when using his full power, but in the manga goku as a full power ssb could match him, and he was stomped by vegito. why do people literally take it as iron skin, i mean what if they are just saying that because it's a similar material. they said he has surpassed the speed of light and sound, that could be any level above, and whis has shown to move between nebulas in the blink of an eye, so i agree with you on those points, dbs and z has FTL feats. i don't agree about the movies being non canon, changes in material are for dbs and z, not really for GT and movies, which aren't apart of continuity, so that doesn't really apply to movies or GT, especially since none of these points are changes to the material.

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    • Dragon Ball Super's plotline was made by Toriyama himself and Super is canon it has it's own manga. Your just upset over this nonsense bcause powerlevels are stupid.

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    • On some episodes Goku is way faster then the speed of light and some is just slow.

      Yeah we cannot power scale because we all know that Goku is faster then the speed of light.

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    • Eh, well, I guess power levels aren't really a thing anymore but power scaling's still possible. Also, I'm pretty sure that at least some series have inconsistencies. You can still tell what's canon and what's not but the inconsistencies can be a problem at times. 

      DB Super takes place after the Buu Saga of DBZ. I'd consider that to be canon. GT's definitely not canon due to the fact that certain things about Super contradict things in GT. Matter of fact, GT's pretty much been skipped over. The canon material is DB, DBZ, and then DB Super in that order. 

      Adjustments and changes to the power scale are kinda...meh and they suck sometimes but things such as the feats in canon material don't really change. Also, what water droplets thing? Do you mean Goku and Beerus' fight in Battle of Gods?

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