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  • On the age 779 page it says that Golden Frieza, Champa's tournament and Future Trunks arc are all in the same year. However when Frieza is revived the last two wishes are used up by Shu and Mai. So how can the Champa and Future Trunks arc be in the same year as Golden Frieza? Shenron is summoned in ep 29 to get the location of the Super Dragon Balls, so shouldn't they have to wait a whole yearto summon Shenron agian?

    It even says as a footnote on the ep 29 summary that Shenron being summoned indicates that a year has passed.


    Age 779:

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    • Tecnically it shouldn't all be in the same year at all but it seems like the anime goofed up.

      The dates are from Xenoverse 2 that puts the Resurrection F and Universe 6 saga as having happened in Age 779. The Future scenes of the Future Trunks saga it says takes place in 796 and those events were 17 years later which means the present day scenes would also be in Age 779.

      We're supposed to be in Age 780 right now because Bra was born.

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    • Is it possible that the Champa tournament and later happened in age 780?

      Pan is born and Goku joins Vegeta in training under Whis. Frieza is revived and trains for four more months.  Uub is at least 5 years old when Golden Frieza is defeated. Shu and Mai wish for money and ice cream which uses all of the wishes. (age 779)

      A year later Shenron is asked about Super Dragon Balls right before Champa's tournament. Shenron leaves with two more wishes available.

      After Zamasu's defeat, at least four months from the last wish have passed, so Shenron is summoned to revive king kai but everyone fights over the wishes and the only wish that goes through was to heal Pan from an illness. (age 780)

      Bulma wasn't visibly pregnant until the start of the universal tournament, so it would have to be at least 9 months between Champa's tournament and the universe survival tournament for Bra to be born. Therefore Bulma possibly got pregnant sometime around Champa's tournament. So at this point Uub is 6 years old, Pan is about a year old and Bra is a new born. (age 780)

      I think that works.

      However if Xenoverse said it is 779 then I guess that creates a problem, since Shenron was some how available.

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    • No that couldn't work because of the Super Dragon Balls. 

      They were used a the end of the Universe 6 Tournament and they are supposed to take a year before they can be used again and theyre available right now because theyre the prize for the Tournament of Power.

      So there has to be at least a year between the Universe 6 and Universe Survival saga and because the latter has to be in Age 780 because Bra was just born then it means the Universe 6 saga would have to be in Age 779.

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    • Oh yeah that is right. Well chalk it up to Shenron (or at least Dende) knowing that Beerus would have a request at that time so he came anyway.. :P lol

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    • Yeah because all the wishes were used in the Resurrection F saga then he shouldn't have been available so soon. It just seemed like a mistake I guess.

      Not one that plagues the manga because that wish was never there.

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    • Not that I dont enjoy the anime, but part of wishes the Anime took a break after Golden Frieza saga and let Toyotaro do the manga further and then the anime based everything off of the manga.

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    • Macprodukshunz wrote:
      Not that I dont enjoy the anime, but part of wishes the Anime took a break after Golden Frieza saga and let Toyotaro do the manga further and then the anime based everything off of the manga.

      I, for one, find that things work just fine at the moment, so far I hardly found instances where the anime stomps the manga. Toyotaro has the chance to fix certain stuff the anime did wrong such as remove the "Kale tanks a God Kamehameha from SSB Goku". And needless to mention the annoying Pre-Tournament filler.

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    • And I'm hoping Toyotarou to include Jiren in the Zen Exhibition Match instead of Toppo, as we see in the trailer.

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