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  • In Dragon Ball Z it is revealed that majin buus normal and real form is kid buu, and when he absorbs someone he takes over there body completely. This goes for every buu am I correct? Because all super buu did was grow clothes and and his antenna got longer (i think thats what that is?) However back to my real question. Has anyone notice that the regular/normal universe the Z fighters are from have no Grand supreme kai (or any supreme kais for that matter other than the north supreme kai) and decided to let him stay absorbed in majin buu forever? I mean correct me if im wrong here but wasnt he the good in Fat Buu all along trying to despretley come out? Do you guys think he could be the reason why fat buu started to see the light so to speak, to began with? Also majin buu could absorbe anyone still, so why doesnt he anymore to keep up with goku and the others to help out more? He could take new forms of people and maintain his goodness if hes really that good. Dont get me wrong i love fat buu but tell me, does this not make since? Lol also why dont they wish for all the other supreme kais back?

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    • Let's see.

      Correct, any Buu who absorbs will take up some aspect of the new component, usually the clothing of the most powerful one.

      I don't think it's that the Grand Kaioshins chose to stay absorbed, it's that after a few millennia of being inside Buu, they're now a "permanent" part of him, well the Good Buu at any rate. If this wasn't the case, Kid Buu would have spat out the Grand and South Kaioshins themselves, rather than Fat Buu.

      That bit is correct. It is Grand Kaioshin's influence that made Majin Buu much less monstrous and savage. He went from a mindless killing machine, to an innocent man-child who wants to have fun.

      Why doesn't Buu absorb anymore? Because Mr. Satan told him it was wrong, just like killing people and eating them. Buu would probably only absorb someone of their own free will, and if they had no choice (being faced with a powerful enemy with only Buu around). It's why Mr. Buu and Uub fused in GT to become Majuub.

      Good question. Probably same reason why Future Trunks didn't bring Future Dende to Earth and revive the future Z-fighters. Because Toriyama-sama didn't think of it. Or in-universe, because there's no need to waste that wish, and if they bring the Kaioshins out, that means Fat Buu might revert to a version of Kid Buu.

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    • Nice reply, I still don't like the idea of not having any supreme Kai's beside North. But yeah the permanent absorbtion/fuse is starting to ring a bell. But they could easly kill kid buu by now if that did happen. Hed probably cause a little trouble but nothing to bad.

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    • Thank you.

      Isn't our Kaioshin the East one? I think North was the fishing guy with the sword.

      Salagir explored that idea in Dragon Ball Multiverse, where they went inside Fat Buu and couldn't find any pods containing Grand and South, because they're now a permanent part of Buu.

      I guess they could kill Kid Buu now, but they wouldn't want to go to the trouble of doing so and risk endangering so many lives. Besides, Buu isn't the protector and has no need to get stronger, that's Goku and Vegeta's job.

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    • I guess you right, idk id have to go look lol. But Still itd be nice to see the other z fighters besides goku and vegeta fight and evolve.

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    • I do wonder how death works for Kaioshins. I mean, they're not around even in the afterlife.Do the higher-ranked gods have a separate multiversal afterlife or maybe undergo some forced cycle of reincarnation?

      I guess the reason they don't get revived is one of the three :

      - They can't.

      - Reviving them is forbidden for some reason, or they just don't want to use the Dragonballs to do it..

      - It's technically not neccessary as at some point new ones will be born from the 'divine trees' or however they are called. 

      And the reason why Trunks doesn't go get Future Dende is that technically he doesn't know where New Namek is. The reason why he doesn't ask Goku and/or present Dende how to reach New Namek is the great unknown, however. 

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    • Well they can get revived, as Elder Kai got revived via the Namekian Dragon Balls. But I honestly feel they didn't get revived because no one has the desire to. Not that anyone's against reviving them, but it just never came up.

      But it is weird how West and North Kaioshin just disappear after Kid Buu kills them. But Elder Kai just gains a halo and nothing else seems to happen to him.

      Couldn't Trunks just call out to Future Goku with Future King Kai, or at this point probably all of the dead Z-fighters? King Kai has dropped in tonnes of times with the voices in the head, and you'd think after 20 years at some point they would have been watching Trunks.

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    • Elder Kai's a special case though. First of all, he's a Kaioshin / Non-Kaioshin fusion. Second of all, his fusee has magical powers. If Uranai Baba can draw a person out of the afterlife for a day, I imagine a fusion of a witch with one of the highest-ranked deities in Universe 7 would have enough power and authority to keep the fused being around for as long as it wished.

      But those are just theories that may attempt to make more sense out of things than neccessary. 

      And yeah, lack of King Kai attempting to speak to Trunks or Goku doing it through him is kind of weird. He did speak to people he never connected to before, and I do believe Bulma heard him at least once before the Android Saga? 

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    • I never really thought about it that way, but I guess it makes sense. So it's like Clash of Titans logic: when mortals die their souls go elsewhere, but when Gods die they just cease to exist.

      Although did they ever imply that killed Kaioshins can't be revived? I know King Kai isn't a Kaioshin, but he went to the afterlife. He's still a Shinjin born from the God fruit tree. Same goes for Kibito who's also a Shinjin.

      It's like Future King Kai doesn't care anymore. At the very least, he should have been watching when Future Supreme Kai came to Earth.

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    • It's not implied or anything, just that resurrecting a Kaioshin or seeing the highest-tier gods after they died in the afterlife never happened.And given highest-tier gods can visit afterlife or contact other telepathically pretty much at will, you'd think trying to contact their predecessors who may be wiser or have greater knowledge about what could be done to defeat someone, or try to bring back a particularly strong warrior for a day or even resurrect them, might be a strategy East Kaioshin would try to use. 

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    • That's a good point. I think it's safe to say that whatever happened to the deceased Kaioshin, they're not accessible to the living ones. Although Elder Kai just falling over and gaining a halo still bothers me.

      Maybe Toriyama-sama just forgot about them. Maybe they dissipate into the aether. Or maybe Kid Buu destroyed their actual souls.

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