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The Thieves Den is the hideout of a Mercenary Clan led by a tall human called the Bandit King. It is located on an island southeast of Kame House (south of Gengoro Island).


The Bandit King and several henchmen on the top floor of the main building

In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, Goten and Trunks go there in order to find one of the seven Dragon Balls. They have to find bandanas to disguise themselves as members of the Mercenary Clan in order to get the One-Star Dragon Ball. After they get the Dragon Ball from the boss, a monkey steals their bandanas, causing the bandits to realize that they are not bandits and thus causing a fight, which Goten and Trunks win.

In the Thieves Den, there are tanks, a lighthouse, and an area to fish. The Lighthouse Keeper gives the Hercule Exhibits #10, Piiza Action Figure, in exchange for a root beer. Among the bandits in the Thieves Den, there are a Tiger Bandit called Violent Bill, and a Human Thief called Joey The Knife.

The Thieves Den has a Z-Mart, which sells items that "fell off a truck".


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