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The World's Greatest Team (かつてないきょう Katsute Nai Kyōfu, lit. "An Unprecedented Terror") is the seventeenth volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series. It was released on May 10, 1989 in Japan, and in March, 2003 for the English version. It is released in North America as Dragon Ball Z volume one, with the chapter count restarting back to one. It begins the Raditz Saga.

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

Vol.17 15-5-1989

The cover flap image

"In my case, apart from when Assistant-kun is here, I almost always work seated under the kotatsu in a room with a TV. It’s partly because I just can’t seem to get comfortable with a chair and a desk, and it’s partly because it feels lonesome if I’m not working while watching TV or a video. However, I mustn’t get fixated. So while I work, I end up watching it while pretending that I’m not. I’m such a good boy!!"


Raditz arrives on Earth and kidnaps Gohan, while Piccolo and Goku give chase. Piccolo fires a Makankōsappō through Goku and Raditz, killing both Saiyans. Vegeta and Nappa learn of the Dragon Balls, and decide to head to Earth.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
(DBZ 1)
"The Mysterious Warrior From Space"
The Mysterious Warrior From Space
  • Original Title: 謎の異星人戦士 Nazo no Iseijin Senshi, lit. "The Mysterious Alien Warrior"
  • Character Debuts: Raditz
  • Synopsis: 5 years after the events of 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, a space pod falls to Earth. Out comes a man with long hair and a strange space suit: Raditz. Confronted by a farmer who shoots at him, the man catches the bullet and flicks it back at him, impaling, and killing him. He then detects a high power level with his scouter. Thinking it is a man named Kakarott, he flies toward it, only to find Piccolo. After showing his pride and ignorance, Piccolo blasts him, but does not even leave a scratch. Just before firing a retaliation blast, the alien warrior detects another high power level and flies toward it, picturing his target in his brain, which looks much like baby Goku.
(DBZ 2)
  • Original Title: カカロット Kakarotto, lit. "Kakarrot"
  • Character Debuts: Gohan
  • Synopsis: At the Kame House, Bulma arrives greeting her friends Kame Sen-nin, and Kuririn. While the man is in pursuit of his prey, Goku and Gohan fly to the Kame House on Kinto-Un. Goku gets there, and his friends marvel at the fact that he has a son. Then, the mysterious man arrives at Kame House as well.
(DBZ 3)
"Tails of Future Not-Quite-Past"
Tails of Future Not-Quite-Past
  • Original Title: 孫悟空の過去!! Son Gokū no Kako!!, lit. "Son Goku's Past!!"
(DBZ 4)
"An Enemy in Common"
An Enemy in Common
  • Original Title: 共通の大敵 Kyōtsū no Taiteki, lit. "A Powerful Enemy in Common"
(DBZ 5)
"An Unexpected Strength"
An Unexpected Strength
  • Original Title: ラディッツとの対決 Radittsu to no Taiketsu, lit. "Showdown with Raditz"
(DBZ 6)
"Nothing Up My Sleeve..."
Nothing Up My Sleeve
  • Original Title: かつてない恐怖 Katsute Nai Kyōfu, lit. "An Unprecedented Terror"
(DBZ 7)
"Piccolo's Farewell to Arms!?"
Piccolo's Farewell to Arms
  • Original Title: ピッコロの切り札, Pikkoro no Kirifuda; lit. "Piccolo's Trump Card"
(DBZ 8)
"A Surprise Appearance"
A Surprise Appearance
  • Original Title: 魔貫光殺砲, Makankōsappō; lit. "The Makankōsappō"
(DBZ 9)
"Sayonara, Goku"
Sayanora, Goku
  • Original Title: 孫悟空最後の手段!! Son Gokū Saigo no Shudan!!, lit. "Son Goku's Last Resort!!"
(DBZ 10)
"The Needs of the Many"
The Needs of the Many
  • Original Title: さようなら孫悟空 Sayōnara Son Gokū, lit. "Farewell, Son Goku"
  • Character Debuts: Vegeta & Nappa


  • Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan vs. Raditz


  • The North American release of this volume gives a major spoiler on the back showing a picture of Super Saiyan 2 Goku which does not happen until the volume titled Mark of the Warlock.

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