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"Right now Gohan's way beyond needing my help."

"The Unstoppable Gohan" (セルをKOノックアウト!!たった2はつちょうてっけん Seru o Nokku Auto!! Tatta Nihatsu no Chō-Tekken, lit. "Cell is Knocked Out!! Taken Down With Two Super Punches") is the twenty first episode of the Cell Games Saga and the one hundred eighty-sixth overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. This episode first aired in Japan on May 19, 1993. Its original American airdate was December 14, 2000.


Cell powering up to fight Gohan

After defeating the amazingly powerful Cell Juniors, Gohan moves on to a more terrifying opponent, Cell. Despite being in control of his fight with Gohan previously, Perfect Cell finds himself struggling just to keep up with Gohan now. It soon becomes apparent that Gohan's power has turned the tables in the fight.

Gohan landing a massive blow against Cell

Cell then irritably tells Gohan not to get cocky, and then calmly hints that he has not even unleashed his full power. Gohan tells Cell to "Can it." A shocked Cell then decides to reveal that he is not bluffing in regards to his full power, and proceeds to power up, causing extreme concern for the Dragon Team, as well as blowing Mr. Satan and everyone else away. Elsewhere, as an earthquake is occurring due to Cell's powering up, Chi-Chi is growing very concerned about whether Gohan is doing all right (due to Gohan's earlier transforming into a Super Saiyan 2, the recording equipment of ZTV was damaged, leaving her unable to witness the fight).

Cell attacks Gohan

After powering up to his maximum, Cell asks what Gohan thinks about his full power. Gohan flatly responds with "Is that all you've got?", causing Cell to become even more shocked. Desperate, he launches a sucker punch on Gohan, but to his astonishment, the attack fails to inflict any damage to the Super Saiyan 2. Gohan then returns two light punches, Cell's gut and chin respectively, which makes Cell double over in agony. Witnessing Cell's helplessness, the Z-Fighters then begin to believe that even the powerful Cell is no match for Gohan's amazing new power.

Major Events

  • Cell powers up to his full strength.


  • Gohan (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Cell (Perfect)







  • Ultimate Blitz - Used several times by Cell, to no avail.
  • Power Up - Used by Cell when he powers up to his maximum potential, however, he is still inferior to Gohan.
  • Soaring Dragon Strike - Used by Gohan to severely damage Cell.

Bruce Faulconer tracks

Differences from the manga

  • Due to Caroni, Pirozhki and Miss Piiza being created for the anime, all scenes involving them are exclusive to the anime.
  • In the manga, after Gohan defeats the Cell Jr. then goes to face Cell, Cell powers up to his full strength immediately. In the anime however Gohan and Cell fight first and it is only after proving to be completely outmatched does Cell power up to full strength.
  • People from around the world reacting as the world shakes from Cell's power up is exclusive to the anime.


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