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"The Universe's Greatest Warrior" (ちゅういちせん Uchūichi no Senshi) is the 70th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Having asked the wish-granting Dragon, Toronbo, to turn him into the greatest warrior in the universe, Granolah soon finds out that the wish can not be made so easily. Though Toronbo is able to increase his strength, he is not able to increase his power beyond his own latent potential unless he agrees to a specific condition. Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal of defeating Frieza, Granolah accepts the condition.

Vegeta uses Hakai to destroy a pebble

On Beerus' Planet, Vegeta continues to train, attempting to destroy a small rock using Hakai, but instead destroys it via a simple energy blast. Chastising Vegeta for doing it wrong, Beerus explains the technique and shows the correct method, creating a large blast and damaging part of his comic book in the process. Close by, Goku trains with Whis, commenting on which of the two will become the strongest in the universe. Whis, however, says that perhaps neither will become the strongest but someone else entirely, though he does not know of anyone currently stronger than the Saiyan pair. The Oracle Fish awakens, proclaiming that the strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise up. Vegeta overhears this and, appearing in front of Goku and Whis, displays the Hakai ability by destroying a tiny pebble, saying that soon he will be destroying much larger things.

Back on Cereal, Toronbo departs, leaving Granolah alone, now with hair that has grown considerably down past his shoulders. After testing out his newfound might, Monaito, having felt the aftermath from his own home, heads out to see him. Granolah explains that he has used the Dragon Balls to become the strongest warrior in the universe and is now capable of taking down Frieza. Monaito angrily condemns his decision, though it falls on deaf ears as Granolah quickly takes off to see Elec to ask him for Frieza's location. Aboard his spaceship, Granolah cuts his hair while Whis uses his Angel Attendant's Staff to watch what is transpiring, saying that it may cause turmoil.

Granolah shows off his new strength

Two days later, Granolah arrives at the Heeter's Base, demanding that he be told where Frieza is. Annoyed by the interference, Elec asks Oil to see him out, only for Granolah to use an inkling of his power to send Oil flying backwards into the wall. Wanting to see what Granolah is made of and curious to know if his boast about his new level of strength is true, Elec tells Oil to fight him. The fight proves to be one-sided, as Oil is unable to land a single blow, with his comrade Macki faring no better. When Gas intervenes to save Macki, Elec stops him, telling him that there is no need for him to join the fight. Satisfied at Granolah's power but curious all the same, Elec has Granolah explain where he got his strength from, though he refused to answer but Elec presses the issues feeling that if his mission to defeat Frieza should fail, it would paint massive targets on the Heeters' backs.

Granolah reluctantly explains to the Heeters that he used the dragon balls. Elec states he thought so and confirms his suspicions that Cereal had them. Granolah confirms this while the Heeters remarks that was playing dirty. Elec accepts the explanation, though tells Granolah to head home as they do not know Frieza's exact location and finding out such a thing will take time. Granolah tells him not to take long because he does not have much time left. He soon reveals he has sacrificed almost all of his remaining lifespan in order to obtain his current power and now only has three years left to live as a result. This warrants shock that he went so far to achieve revenge. Granolah then takes his leave, telling them all that he will be waiting.

Later on, while the Heeters have dinner, Elec discusses the current situation, believing that it is not wise for Granolah to take Frieza out, as he will take his place in his stead, a position that he believes belongs to them. Not wanting Granolah to destroy the Frieza Force either due to wanting control of the force for themselves, Elec decides to pit the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta, who had they witnessed defeat Moro, against Granolah, believing that he would not be able to defeat the two of them by himself, a plan he feels will work due to Granolah's hatred of the Saiyans who ravaged his homeworld.

Granolah is seen aboard his spaceship while Goku and Vegeta continue their own separate training.

Main Events

  • The Heeters are revealed to have organized the attack on Cereal.
  • The Heeters are revealed to want to seize of the Frieza Force.






  • Granolah vs. Oil
  • Granolah vs. Macki



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