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"The Treasure!" (たからはっけん Otakara Hakken, lit. "The Treasure is Discovered") is the seventy-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Yamcha, Bulma, Puar, Krillin and Oolong driving in a Car, while Goku flies above them on the Flying Nimbus. Goku is also holding a steering wheel, even though that the Nimbus does not need one.


Goku meets a giant ocotpus

Goku heads left and General Blue laughs, continuing to follow the others right. Krillin and Bulma come to a dead end with nothing but a hole. There’s water, so Krillin strips down to his boxers and Bulma takes off her shorts, and they dive in. Blue catches up, and starts taking off his shirt and hat as he wonders if the water is clean. Goku comes to a dead end, too, and falls through a trap door, but he luckily lands on something soft which happens to be an octopus. Goku jumps off of his head onto a rock and says, believes Octopapa to be a squid. Octopapa becomes annoyed, and then Goku says he has to leave now. But then Octopapa grabs Goku with one of his tentacles, since it has been so long since he is had anything good. He smacks him up against the rocks a few times, trying to kill him. Goku asks if he wants something really good, which causes Octopapa to wonder about what it could be. In reality, Goku uses this opportunity to blast him right in the face with a Kamehameha.

Goku fires a Kamehameha at the giant octopus

Bulma and Krillin surface in a room, and they spot a treasure chest. They get out and open it, and it’s full of the treasure. They are both really excited, but then General Blue surfaces and informs them that the Red Ribbon Army will be taking that treasure. Bulma sees him, and thinks he’s just her type. She rubs up against him with her tongue hanging out as well as meowing like a cat, and he screams to get away, he does not like that. Krillin and Bulma think he must be homosexual. Blue yells at them to not say such things, since he might get mad, but Krillin is not worried.

Krillin and Bulma find the treasure

Goku likes this real takoyaki (fried octopus), as he was hungry. Then he hears a scream, and wonders if it was not Bulma or Krillin. Krillin is up against the wall, and he’s taken a lot of damage. Krillin gets up and tells General Blue he’s going to be serious this time, and they go at each other, but Krillin just takes a hard punch to the face. Bulma screams and Goku recognizes it this time, and hops in the water to swim toward them.




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