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The Transformation (フリーザ超変身!!, Furīza Chōhenshin!!) is the two hundred ninety-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. In the Viz release, it is the one hundred second chapter of Dragon Ball Z. This chapter's anime counterpart is the episode "Fighting Power: One Million??"


Frieza has agreed to transform, much to the shock and confusion of Gohan and Krillin. Vegeta explains that some beings transform for camouflage or to conserve energy. Frieza says that he transforms to keep himself under control, but Vegeta says that he will not be that different. Frieza says that this is something he does not do often, noting that he was able to kill Vegeta's father without needing to. Vegeta retorts that he had surpassed his father as a child.

Frieza then proceeds to blow off his Battle Armor. Vegeta mockingly asks if that is his transformation. Frieza then proceeds to transform for real. His ki increases (as noted by Krillin) and his body grows much larger and taller, with the horns on his head now pointing upwards. Vegeta is shocked, not having realized that Frieza would change so much. Frieza says that he will not be as gentle as before, and that in this state his power level is over 1,000,000.

Vegeta exclaims that Frieza is a liar, but Frieza powers up, blasting everyone away. Krillin is hit by some debris while the others escape unscathed. Frieza calls Vegeta pathetic, and then ponders who to kill first. He quickly decides and charges straight at Krillin, impaling him on left horn. Dende, who was being held by Krillin, escapes unharmed. Gohan is furious, while Vegeta is stunned at Frieza's speed.







Volume 25: The Wrath of Freeza
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