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"The Three Wishes" (みっつの願い Mittsu no Negai, lit. "Three Wishes") is the ninety ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred ninety-third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features the wish-granting dragon Porunga.


With Frieza and potentially Vegeta approaching, Gohan, Krillin, and Dende try to decide who to bring back to life first. King Kai allows Piccolo to speak to Gohan and Krillin via telepathy. Piccolo tells Gohan to bring him back to life first, as doing so will revive Kami on Earth and restore Earth's Dragon Balls. Yamcha and Tien remark that the idea is clever. Piccolo then asks that the second wish be used to bring him to Namek so that he avenge what Frieza has done to his people. He then tells them to do what they want with the third wish.

Dende tells Porunga their first wish, restoring Piccolo to life. However, at Frieza's Spaceship, Vegeta is awoken from his slumber when he senses Frieza's ki approaching. He quickly notices the dark sky and sees Porunga. Realizing what has occurred, he angrily flies off towards the dragon. Back on Earth, Kami comes back to life as well, much to the surprise of Mr. Popo. Dende tells Porunga the second wish, and Piccolo vanishes from King Kai's Planet. Before anything else can be done, Vegeta arrives on the scene. Irate, he claims that they have lost their only chance to beat Frieza, which was to make him immortal.

Gohan, visibly nervous, tells Vegeta that there is still one wish remaining, which pleases him. Frieza is now close enough to see Porunga. When he picks up Porunga's life reading on his scouter, he realizes the dragon has been called. Vegeta demands that the third wish be used to make him immortal, as Frieza is bearing down on them. The chapter ends with Piccolo, now on Namek, seeing his race's home planet for the first time.






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