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"The Tables Turn" (思わぬ形勢逆転 Omowanu Keisei Gyakuten, lit. "An Unexpected Situation Reversal") is the two hundred twentieth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred fourteenth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover consists of two manga panels. The first shows Cell powering up, while the second shows Gohan powering up with an intense expression.


With Cell having fully regenerated, he and Gohan begin to power up to face off once again. Despite having thought Cell was defeated, Gohan smirks as he powers up. Cell asks Gohan what is so funny, and wonders if he has gone insane. Gohan responds that his arrogance resulted in Goku's death and that he can now avenge him, and wishes that he had killed Cell earlier. Cell says that things will not work out so well for him this time.

Meanwhile, Vegeta looks back at Future Trunks lying wounded on the ground, and becomes enraged at seeing his son's counterpart hurt. He screams and dashes towards Cell, going Super Saiyan mid-dash. He fires a large Ki Blast at Cell, then follows up with several smaller ones. When the smoke clears, however, Vegeta sees Cell dashing towards him. Cell knocks Vegeta to the ground with one blow, and yells for Vegeta to die. He then fires a Finger Beam in the Saiyan's direction, but a now frantic Gohan dives in front of Vegeta, taking the blow. Cell says that this was a bonus. Gohan gets quickly back to his feet, but with his left arm hanging uselessly. Krillin says that Vegeta's attack was idiotic as the Dragon Balls could have brought Future Trunks back to life.

Cell lands, and he proclaims that he is done fooling around and has let the battle go on too long. Gohan realizes that Cell's powers have increased more than he thought. Piccolo asks if there are any more Senzu Beans, but Krillin says that they have all been used. Cell begins to charge a massive Kamehameha, and says that all of the Dragon Team will die along with the Earth.






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