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"The Switch" (ボディチェンジ Bodi Chenji, lit. "Body Change") is the ninety third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred eighty-seventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Goku hanging on a car driven by Master Roshi. This cover art is also featured in the artbooks Akira Toriyama - The World Special and Daizenshuu 1.


Goku is still confused as to why he is seeing himself, so Captain Ginyu tells him that he has switched their bodies. Jeice gives Ginyu his scouter, and the pair fly off. Goku realizes that this is why Ginyu hurt himself, and is afraid of what will happen when they run into Krillin and Gohan. Goku flies after them, but cannot fly very quickly due to his injuries. He wonders what Chi-Chi will say if he manages to make it home as Ginyu.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Gohan return to Bulma's hideout to get the Dragon Radar. Bulma is confused and angry that they left her alone and have not gotten anything accomplished. They grab the radar and prepare to fly off, much to her chagrin. However, her mood brightens when Gohan tells her that Goku has arrived. After they leave, she wonders if she 'blew it' with Goku. Back at Frieza's Spaceship, Vegeta figures out that Frieza is gone and the Dragon Balls are hidden. Figuring that everyone else will be back soon, he changes into a new set of Battle Armor.

When Krillin and Gohan arrive at Frieza's ship (looking for the Dragon Balls), Vegeta secretly watches as they dig all seven up. However, when Krillin calls forth the dragon, nothing happens, much to everyone's confusion. Krillin senses two large kis and figures they belong to Ginyu and Jeice, which annoys Vegeta. However, all three of them are surprised when Goku and Jeice arrive.






  • This chapter is in color; the first two pages have a full color palette while the rest have a red-brown-black-gray palette.

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