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"The Superest Super Water!!!" (超神水!!! Chō-Shinsui!!!, lit. "The Super God Water!!!") is the one hundred fifty-first chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows an anguished Goku and a grinning King Piccolo (with a globe behind him) in the background, and Korin with the Ultra Divine Water on his head in the foreground.


Goku drinks the Ultra Divine Water

Goku asks Korin what the Ultra Divine Water is, and whether drinking it will make him stronger. Korin says that he is not sure, and explains that the water draws out any remaining hidden power. Goku wonders if he has any hidden power left, and Yajirobe tells him to just drink it and find out. Korin then explains that the water is also a powerful toxin, and only those with tremendous stamina and will to live can survive to see their power unlocked. Korin admits that he could not handle the water, and spit it out. He further adds that fourteen strong warriors have attempted the feat, and none of them survived.

Tien practices the Evil Containment Wave

Yajirobe complains that it sounds like just regular poison, but Goku decides to drink it anyways. Yajirobe tries to change his mind, but Goku is defiant and says the water is the only way he can avenge his friends. Yajirobe relents, and Korin brings the Ultra Divine Water over to them. Yajirobe decides to try just a taste, and spits it out almost immediately. Goku is undeterred, and drinks the entire cup at once. He quickly falls to the ground in agony.

Meanwhile, Tien is practicing the Evil Containment Wave. He misses his attempt to get the wave to land in the Electric Rice Cooker. He vows to master the wave in order to defeat Piccolo. The next morning at dawn, Goku has been writhing in pain for six hours. Yajirobe is concerned for him, but just then Goku's body finally manages to defeat the water's poison. Goku sits up and states that he is overflowing with power. Meanwhile, Tien finally manages to master the Evil Containment Wave.






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