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"The Storming of Muscle Tower" (マッスルタワー突撃!! Massuru Tawā Totsugeki!!, lit. "Assault on Muscle Tower!!") is the fifty-seventh chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Goku standing with the Power Pole. General White and Muscle Tower are seen behind him.


Goku uses his Power Pole to block the firepower of the Red Ribbon Army

The girl brings the near-frozen Goku to her home, where her mother helps him recover. They want to know why he was out in the snow, and then recoil in fear when he mentions that he is looking for the Dragon Balls. The Red Ribbon Army has kidnapped Jingle Village Chief in their attempts to find the Dragon Balls themselves. Goku reassures the two that he is just trying to find his grandfather's Dragon Ball when two men find the trail leading to the house and break in. After quickly trashing the two soldiers, Goku rushes out to rescue the headmaster from Muscle Tower and soon rushes back in, suffering from the cold again. After dressing in the girl's winter clothes, he finds out that the white stuff outside is called "snow." He thinks it is weird stuff. The girl thinks that Goku is a weird boy, and her mother would hate for him to die. General White is impressed at how quickly the brat has taken out his men and wonders whether he can get past the Muscle Tower's guards to reach the top floor.





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