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"The Stolen Energy" (奪われたエネルギー Ubawareta Enerugī, lit. "Stolen Energy") is the two hundred fiftieth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred forty-fourth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.



Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2

The crowd is getting restless, but Chi-Chi yells at them to shut up, he's obviously gonna do something awesome. Krillin asks Supreme Kai what will happen when Gohan transforms. Supreme Kai thinks Spopovich and Yamu may attack Gohan and doesn't want anyone to help him as they just want strong energy. Goku is curious what he means by energy. Back in the ring, Gohan says he'll turn Super Saiyan, even though he doesn't know why. In fact, he'll go even further and go over the wall of Super Saiyan. Kibito is shocked to hear there's something beyond Super Saiyan. Gohan ramps it up and transforms all the way up to that stage, shocking everyone. Even Videl sees this, and wonders what's going on. Spopovich's meter is going off the scale, and he says this guy has tremendous energy. Gohan asks if he wants to fight now, but Kibito can't believe that someone of the lower world could have such incredible power.

Vegeta thinks he's not nearly at the level he was fighting Cell since he's slacked off on his training during these peaceful times. But Supreme Kai says his power is already well beyond imagination, and wonders what would happen if that power "stopped". Sharpner and Erasa suddenly realize Gohan is the Golden Warrior, while other people in the stands remember seeing guys like that when Mr. Satan was fighting Cell. Yamu now has another little device with an "M" on it, shaped like a turkey baster. The two of them fly into the ring, and Gohan sense them right away. He turns to take on the attackers, but Supreme Kai suddenly throws out his hands, using his power to bind Gohan still. Spopovich restrains Gohan, as Yamu uses the device to suck away Gohan's energy. Once the device is full, Yamu and Spopovich fly off, and Gohan collapses.

Supreme Kai tells them not to do anything, as Kibito will return Gohan to normal. He then decides to follow them and asked the others if they come with him for help. The crowd is very confused, while Chi-Chi is worried about Gohan. Krillin asks Goku what to do. Goku of course wants to follow, to help out Supreme Kai, and to finally find out what's going on.




  • Gohan (Base/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Kibito


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