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The Revenge of Cooler is the first level of the Extra Age in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. The clear condition is that Cooler must be defeated. It is the first of the two scenarios based on the movie Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, the second being "True Final Form".


Using Goku

Cooler will arrive on Planet Earth with a group of Frieza Soldiers. Cooler will then announce that he plans to exterminate the remaining Saiyans for the death of Frieza, and also overtake and destroy the entire planet. Cooler is eventually defeated by Goku and his team.

Using Frieza

Cooler arrives on Planet Earth with a group of Frieza Soldiers, and announce his plan to kill all remaiing Saiyans, he is however shocked to find that Frieza is on Earth instead, Cooler wonders why Frieza has appeared and Frieza replies by stating that there can only be one Greatest in the universe and it is him. Frieza will fight against Cooler and taunt him by telling him that his power is unimpressive, to which Cooler will angrily reply not to underestimate him. In the end, Cooler falls to Frieza's power.