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"The New, Terrible Boo" (きょうしんじんブウ Kyōfu no Shin Majin Bū, lit. "The Terrible New Majin Boo") is the two hundred ninety second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred eighty-sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The new Buu looks upward, laughing. From The Lookout, Piccolo and Dende are looking back down in concern. Krillin walks up, asking what is wrong. Piccolo asks if the runt can not feel the energy of Buu's upgrade. Piccolo explains what happened. Kuririn stammers, hoping that the two Saiyan boys in fusion form can take on Buu. Dende is silent, and Piccolo is doubtful.

On Sacred World of the Kai, Goku wonders if whet he is feeling is Buu's energy, and Supreme Kai confirms it. Gohan asks Old Kai to hurry up with the power-up so he can go fight on Earth. However, the old coot tells the boy to not worry (he is actually reading manga while doing the spell). Gohan is getting very impatient.

Buu is just standing in place, looking at his hands, and Mr. Satan is scared greatly. The older thrillseeker recovers from Satan's thrashing, scrambles up to get a gun, and he starts shooting Buu. The bullets just pass through the new monster, and the holes seal up again. The monster stretches, laughs, and flies into the villain's mouth. The villain starts to expand and blows up messily. Buu reassembles himself and launches off to kill Mr. Satan. The hero is cowering over Bee. The monster freezes, and then leaves. Satan looks up, then convinces himself that the stupid creature ran away to escape his great power. However, Buu is hovering just overhead. He angrily says "Sa...ta..n...?" then flies away. Satan collapses, wondering if the monster remembers him.

Buu tears over the countryside before zooming straight up. Piccolo realizes that Buu has sensed their energy. Then, the monster reaches the top of the Korin Tower, and grins at Piccolo, Dende, Mr. Popo, Yamcha, and Kuririn.

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