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"The Mysterious Jackie Chun" (なぞのジャッキー・チュン Nazo no Jakkī Chun, lit. "The Mysterious Jackie Chun") is the forty-third chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover page features Jackie Chun and Krillin about to engage in battle on the World Martial Arts Tournament stadium, with Goku watching from the stone wall.


Jackie Chun knocks out Krillin

The chapter opens with Jackie Chun falling out of the sky. Seeing no other way to stay in the tournament, he uses the Kamehameha to keep him in the ring. The attack surprises Krillin and the onlookers, who question seeing the technique before. As Jackie Chun prepares to end the match, Krillin attacks. However, Jackie Chun easily evades the attack, causing the boy to smash his head into the gate of the ring. Chun jokes with Krillin, aggravating the boy. He attacks again, but Chun appears behind him and chops both sides of his neck, causing Krillin to fall to the ground. The countdown reaches ten, forcing Krillin to forfeit the match.

After the match, Yamcha tries to prove that Chun is Master Roshi in disguise. He attempts to rip his hair off, but this proves to fail. He then asks Goku to smell Chun, as his nose is as sharp as a dog's. He does so, but Chun is wearing cologne, blocking Roshi's real scent. Just then, the announcer calls Goku and Nam to the ring, as their match is about to begin. The chapter ends with Yamcha thinking about whether or not Chun really is Roshi or not.






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