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"The Muten-Rōshi's Decision" (てんろうけっしん Muten Rōshi no Kesshin, lit. "Muten Rōshi's Resolve") is the one hundred forty-fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Master Roshi ready to do battle in the foreground, with King Piccolo, Piano, Emperor Pilaf, Mai, Shu, Tien, Chiaotzu, Goku, and Yajirobe in the background.


Demon King Piccolo swallows the Dragon Balls

Onboard his airship, Emperor Pilaf detects that the remaining five Dragon Balls are heading towards them. King Piccolo says that whoever has them is a fool for coming to them. At the same time, Master Roshi notes that Piccolo is coming towards them. He stresses that they cannot win if they fight Piccolo, and that their only option is to steal his Dragon Balls and have Shenron eliminate him. Meanwhile, Yajirobe continues escorting Goku to Korin Tower, and Goku tells him what the Dragon Balls do.

King Piccolo and Master Roshi face off

Meanwhile, Master Roshi finds a suitable area for his plan, and Tien lands the plane containing them and Chiaotzu. After having Chiaotzu bury the Dragon Balls, Master Roshi says that he and Tien will steal Piccolo's Dragon Balls when he lands looking for theirs. They will then throw the balls to Chiaotzu, who will put them with their five and make the wish. As Piccolo arrives, they hide among nearby rock formations. Before he descends from the airship, however, Piccolo eats his two Dragon Balls.

Seeing this, Tien believes that they now must fight Piccolo. Roshi tells Tien that he will fight, then knocks Tien unconscious with some sort of sleeping gas so that he won't try to battle Piccolo himself. Roshi tells Chiaotzu to hide no matter what, then yells up to the airship to challenge Piccolo, telling him that the Dragon Balls are there. Piccolo descends and calls Roshi a fool for challenging him. Back among the rock formations, Tien is barely conscious.





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