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"The Last Wish" (最後の願い Saigo no Negai, lit. "The Last Wish") is the one hundredth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred ninety-fourth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Frieza in his first form standing in the foreground, and Piccolo standing in the background.


Having been wished back to Namek, Piccolo immediately feels that it is his people's home. However, he realizes that he has no time for sentiment, and quickly detects the ki of Frieza along with three others. Figuring that one of them is Gohan, he flies off towards it. Meanwhile, Porunga awaits a third wish. Vegeta demands that Dende use the wish to make him immortal. Krillin, although admitting that he hates Vegeta, reluctantly tells Dende to do it.

Before Dende can make the wish, however, Porunga disappears. The sky lightens and the Dragon Balls fall to the ground as stones. Dende realizes that Guru has died. Vegeta becomes enraged, but quickly stops his outburst when he sees Frieza watching from a nearby cliff. Frieza jumps down and claims that, between defeating the Ginyu Force and rendering the Dragon Balls useless, they have made more of a fool of him than anyone has before. He promises to torture them to death inch by inch, leading Vegeta to comment on Frieza's change in mannerism. Frieza begins to power up, and Gohan and Krillin are stunned by his ki. Piccolo senses the increase as well, but also detects the faint ki of Nail, who is still barely alive. Piccolo lands next to him and realizes that he must be a fellow Namekian.





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