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"The Last Three Namekians" (危うし最長老たち Ayaushi Saichōrō-tachi, lit. "The Eldest and Co. in Danger") is the ninety first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred eighty-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Frieza standing in the foreground, with the last three Namekians Nail, Dende, and Grand Elder Guru in the background.



Frieza meets Nail

Goku continues to power up using the Kaio-ken technique, stunning Captain Ginyu and Jeice as his power level soars to 180,000. Jeice wonders how a Saiyan could become so strong, only for Goku to reveal that his power is much higher when used in bursts. Ginyu comes to the same conclusion that Vegeta had earlier, that Goku is the legendary Super Saiyan. This statement leaves Goku puzzled as to what a Super Saiyan is. The very suggestion of this frightens Jeice, as he says it is the only thing that Frieza ever feared.

Just as Ginyu and Jeice seem to have completely despaired of their situation, Goku offers to let them live if they will leave the planet. Upon hearing this, Ginyu decides that Goku cannot be the legendary Super Saiyan, as the legend says that he will be bloodthirsty and love battle above all. Ginyu admits that he is outmatched but that this is what he has been waiting for.

Meanwhile, Frieza races towards Guru's house. Nail senses Frieza coming, so Guru unlocks Dende's latent powers and sends him to help the Earthlings. Frieza passes Dende on his way but sees no need to stop and kill him. He soon arrives at Guru's house, and is confronted outside by Nail. Frieza tells Nail that he has all seven Dragon Balls and asks how to get his wish. Nail refuses to divulge the secret, so Frieza says he will kill Nail in order to obtain it. Nail warns him, however, of the fact that the Dragon Balls will disappear if Guru dies. Eager to see Guru himself, Frieza uses Eye Lasers to blast a hole in the wall of Guru's house. Guru tells Frieza that Nail is the lone true warrior of Namek, before telling Nail telepathically to buy as much time as possible. Frieza says that Nail will now be privileged to face the ultimate power.







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