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"The Last Gasp!" (万事休す!! Banji Kyūsu!!, lit. "It's All Over!!") is the one hundred ninety-second chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover show a tired and badly injured Goku.


Goku falls back clutching the hole in his shoulder, which is bleeding really bad, and Goku coughs up some blood, too. Piccolo gets back up, and stands over Goku. Piccolo shouts that he is going to attack him now, and so he steps down on Goku's chest. Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Krillin and all run in to help, but Piccolo stops his advance by blasting them with some electricity, and busting up the ground in front of them.

Goku gets back up, though, and he is glad Piccolo missed his vital areas. Piccolo punches at him, but Goku ducks it and punches Piccolo in the gut. Piccolo then kicks Goku, and they break, and they both stop to catch their breaths. Piccolo thinks it is only a matter of time before Goku bleeds to death, and then hits Goku with an elbow, knocking him down. Piccolo jumps over toward Goku, and comes down, landing on Goku's legs, breaking them. Piccolo says it is just like when his father fought him, all Goku has left is his left arm. But, this time it will be different.

Piccolo fires a little blast down at Goku's left arm, injuring it so that now he is unable to use his limbs. Piccolo says there is only one attack left, and so he flies up into the air. Kami then tells Tien to kill him, so that Piccolo will also die. God yells at him to hurry, since Kami can not kill himself, and they need to save Goku. It will only be temporary, Shenron can revive him, and so Tien agrees to it. But then Goku tells them not to do that, and says he will win. Finally, Piccolo fires a blast down at Goku.





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