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"The Last Chance" (ラストチャンス!特大元気玉 Rasuto Chansu! Tokudai Genkidama, lit. "The Last Chance! An Extra-Large Energy Sphere") is the one hundred twenty first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred fifteenth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features a battered, bruised and tired Goku lifting his right hand in the air.


Frieza spots Goku's Large Spirit Bomb

Goku, standing with arms stretched skyward, charges up the Spirit Bomb. Frieza wonders what he is up to, while Goku thinks to himself that the bomb needs a bit more strength. Krillin is surprised at the size of the bomb, with Gohan commenting that the Spirit Bomb used against Vegeta was much smaller spreading his hands to show Piccolo to difference in size, while Krillin estimates this new Spirit Bomb that Goku is creating is about 150 feet across. Piccolo wonders why he has not attacked with it yet. Krillin notes that Goku must be gathering energy from other planets, but says that Goku must be thinking he needs more ki for the Spirit Bomb to defeat Frieza. Frieza asks Goku what he is up to, while Goku silently hopes for just a few more seconds.

Frieza, growing bored, kicks Goku. Goku is sent flying backwards, and Krillin is afraid that Frieza has figured out what Goku is up to. Piccolo says that he still has not, and asks Gohan and Krillin to transfer their remaining ki to him. Goku gets back on his feet and immediately begins to charge the bomb again, but Frieza knocks him backwards once more, this time into some nearby water. As Goku climbs back onto land, Piccolo takes Gohan and Krillin's ki. Frieza tells Goku that he hates Saiyans, and that he will finish him off along with Namek, and that there will never be any Super Saiyans.

However, just as he is about to finish off Goku, Frieza notices the Spirit Bomb's reflection in the water. He is stunned, and realizes that this is what Goku has been up to. Piccolo tells Gohan and Krillin to stay put no matter what, and flies towards the battle. Frieza tells Goku that his plan has been a waste of time. Goku tries to punch Frieza, but Frieza blocks and prepares once again to finish Goku off. Just then, Piccolo kicks Frieza in the head, sending him into the water. Frieza quickly re-emerges, and Piccolo tells Goku to hurry up and attack. Frieza angrily admits he had overlooked the Namekian's presence.





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