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"The Last Champion" (5人目の男 Gonin Me no Otoko, lit. "The Fifth Man") is the one hundred fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows someone wearing a mask in the running position. He has a halo above his head. Goku is seen behind him, doing the same pose.


Goku and company celebrate Goku's victory against Akkuman, and Fortuneteller Baba is flustered, but confident that her last fighter will defeat Goku. The masked man reveals himself, shocking Goku and the others due to his appearance. The masked fighter then asks Baba if the battle can take place outside, for Devil's Toilet is too cramped for him to fight Goku with his full potential. Baba accepts the request, and she leads them to an outdoor ring. On the way there, Krillin expresses his belief that Goku will easily defeat the masked man. Goku then notices that the masked man has a nice smell. Yamcha then points out that Master Roshi has been quiet, and Roshi explains that the masked fighter seems familiar. Baba is surprised by something the masked fighter tells her, and Goku is impatient and eager to fight.

Goku and a masked Grandpa Gohan off

Goku and the mysterious fifth man off

Baba tells them to prepare for the match and the masked fighter bows to Goku, then asks him if he is going to do a pre-match bow. Goku bows to him, surprised by this. Baba calls the beginning of the match, and Goku and the masked fighter stare each other down. The others watch, enthused, and Goku charges at the masked fighter when the latter prompts him to.

The masked fighter almost strikes Goku, and the boy only barely dodges. Goku tries to punch him, only for the masked fighter to catch hold of Goku's fist. The two leap back, and the masked fighter leaps high over Goku, alarming the boy. With great speed, the masked fighter lunges at Goku and punches him. Goku barely catches himself from the punch and flips, throwing himself at the masked fighter and kicking him. The two leap back, and Goku's party watches, stunned.




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