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"The Kamikaze Ghost!" (ひっさつ!カミカゼアタック Hissatsu! Kamikaze Atakku, lit. "A Surefire Kamikaze Attack!") is the two hundred ninety seventh chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred ninety-first overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Gotenks' Kamikaze Ghost floats forward, warning Super Buu to leave because it considers itself truly scary. Buu is waiting, Piccolo wonders what kind of attack this is, and Gotenks expects Buu's imminent death. He tells the ghost to go ahead, and it rushes forward. Buu easily blocks the ghost, but it explodes and causes lots of damage to the Majin. Gotenks gloats over the Kamikaze Ghost, and Piccolo tells the boy to hurry up and do it again. Gotenks eventually gets around to spitting out 10 more Super Kamikaze Ghosts, but spends time getting them lined up and counting off. One ghost complains about another nudging it too hard, running the risk of making them explode. When Gotenks is finally ready, Piccolo points out the fact that Buu has already regenerated, and is boredly reading manga and drinking cream soda. Ghosts #1 and #2 are launched, Buu evades them, and they harmlessly blow themselves up. Buu says that he can not be taken out by the same attack twice, so Gotenks gets into a huddle with #3 to #7. He stirs them up with a "Fight" cheer, and two ghosts slap hands in preparation, blowing themselves up. The remaining ghosts, except #10, are sent forward, but while Buu is expecting them, the ghosts swerve off and settle down around something they have found. They discuss the "interesting thing" they have located, and Buu comes over to check it out. One ghost calls the thing a turd, but the others correct it. When Buu is looking over their shoulders, the ghosts explode. Piccolo is impressed, and Buu has been reduced to a twisted kind of tadpole. #10 is told to go down Buu's throat and blow up, which is what happens. Standing in front of the blast, Gotenks claims that it is all over.

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