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"The Immortal Battle" (けっせん!! Fujimi no Kessen!!, lit. "An Immortal Showdown!!") is the one hundred fifty-seventh chapter of Dragon Ball manga.


The cover is Goku in the foreground throwing a kick, with King Piccolo in the background throwing a punch.


Goku's Bending Kamehameha fired at King Piccolo

The fight with Piccolo and Goku continues. Piccolo and Goku are both becoming tired of playing around, and both decide to get serious. Piccolo powers up, and punches Goku. This sends Goku flying back and creating a huge crater in the ground.

All hope seems lost for a moment, as Goku does not seem to be getting back up. Tien Shinhan even states "It' all over!" Finally, before all hope is lost, Goku springs out of the crater and fires a Bending Kamehameha at Piccolo. Piccolo prepares to block the head on attack, but the Kamehameha bends around Piccolo and strikes him in the back of the head. Piccolo is shaken up by the blast, and extremely angered. Piccolo and Goku then charge each other, continuing in battle once again. Both clash, each landing a fair amount of strong punches and kicks on one another.

King Furry is seen with one of his guards, watching the intense battle, amazed with Goku's power.

King Piccolo is hit by Goku's Bending Kamehameha

Piccolo and Goku continue to fight, exchanging blow for blow. Finally, King Piccolo seems to have gained the advantage after blasting one of Goku's legs with his Eye Lasers. Goku quickly comes of with a plan to use his Power Pole to launch himself at Piccolo. The plan is successful, and Goku delivers an incredibly hard knee to King Piccolo's face.

Next, Bulma and Yamucha are seen flying towards the battle scene, in an attempt to help Tien Shinhan (not knowing Goku has arrived at the battle scene). A news report begins, and Bulma and Yamucha are excited to hear the battle is still going on, and there is still time to arrive. They also hear that there are two people fighting King Piccolo and are eager to find out who this second person is, assuming it is Goku.

We then head back to the battle scene where King Piccolo powers up, yet again. Piccolo blasts away Goku's power pole, then charges his Explosive Demon Wave, and the chapter ends.





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