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"The Hopes of a Planet" (元気玉の行方!! Genki-dama no Yukue!!, lit. "The Genki-Dama’s Course!!") is the forty fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred thirty-eighth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Krillin throwing the Fusion Spirit Bomb at Vegeta.


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Gohan deflects the Fusion Spirit Bomb back at Vegeta

As Vegeta manages to dodge the Spirit Bomb, all hope seems to be lost. However, Goku telepathically contacts his son, Gohan, and tells him to bounce the Spirit Bomb as he does have a pure heart. Gohan bounces it back and directly hits Vegeta. As the Dragon Team celebrate their seeming victory, Vegeta shows that he is alive and even manages to stand up. He slaps Krillin aside and states that, once he kills all of them, he will destroy Earth.






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