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The Heroic Dragon Ball Z Adventure Game

The Heroic Dragon Ball Z Adventure Game is a Dragon Ball Z-themed board game released in 2001 by Drumond Park.


The game involves saving Earth by becoming as powerful as possible and collecting all seven Dragonball Disks. The player moves around the board using Power Points, while landing on Event Squares (which can be either helpful or not) and visiting the ten locations.


The player can choose a character from Krillin, Chi-Chi, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Bulma, or Chiaotzu.


The game contains ten different locations, which must be visited in order to obtain the Dragonball Disks.

The Heroic Dragon Ball Z Adventure Game board

The game board


A player wins by having the most Dragonball Disks when all seven of the Dragon Balls are found. A player obtains a Dragon Ball by traveling to one of the ten locations and correctly guessing which side of the Dragonball Disk has the Dragon Ball.

Training Duels

A Training Duel occurs when a player picks up an Event Card and is told to fight a creature, challenger, or enemy. The player launches eight small red Energy Balls at the opposing gamepiece, and has to knock it down before a marble reaches the end of a spiraling ramp. Winning rewards the player a Power Token.

Challenge Duels (Master Game)

A Challenge Duel can be initiated at any time by a player at the end of their turn when playing by the Master Game Rules. Similar to a Training Duel, each player uses a Launching Ramp but must hit the other player's piece first to win. The winner gets to take two Power Tokens from the Power Bag.

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