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"The Heeters' Plan" (ヒータのけいかく Hīta no Keikaku) is the 71st chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Whis twirls his staff

On Beerus' Planet, Whis asks Goku what the fundamental difference is between himself and the Angels. After a quick demonstration where Goku finds himself whacked on the head by Whis' staff, Whis explains that they are always in the Ultra Instinct state whereas Goku transforms in order to access it, believing that he equates Ultra Instinct to his transformation. Goku then realises that he must learn to use Ultra Instinct in his normal form to which Whis tells him that doing so will free him of his stamina drain and that the transformation should be used as a last resort when he requires to surpass his limits. Whis offers some final words of encouragement to Goku and Vegeta to get stronger as something odd had recently taken place in the universe.

Meanwhile, Granolah returns to his home planet of Cereal, deciding to wait inside his spaceship until he hears word of Frieza's location from Elec. Oatmeel wondered if Monaito will be alright on his own, but Granolah assures them that he can watch the elder Namekian with his right eye which became stronger due to his wish.

At the Heeter's Base, Oil and Macki prepare to visit Earth but before they leave, Elec asks the pair to visit Zuno in order to find the location of the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta, amongst other things that need to be asked. As the two leave, Elec speaks with Gas who voices his desire to have fought with Granolah previously. Elec reassures Gas, telling him that he believes he could have beaten him but did not want to think about the worst case scenario. He tells him that he is the only member of the family who can surpass Frieza and that when the dust is cleared, the Heeters will be the supreme rulers of the universe.

A few weeks later, Oil and Macki land on Zuno's Planet. Though she finds the idea of kissing Zuno to be sickening, Macki does so and is awarded ten questions due to her feisty nature. Goku and Vegeta meanwhile continue their training, having progressed significantly in a short period of time.

Granolah waits for the Saiyans

Sometime later, Oil and Macki finally arrive on Earth and visit Chi-Chi at Goku's House. They come up with a story of requiring their help in defeating a villain, offering to pay them in Sky Gold for their help. After heading to Capsule Corporation, Bulma gets into contact with the Saiyan pair and they soon find themselves intrigued upon hearing that the villain is supposedly the strongest being in the universe. Upon realising that he may be the same being as was previously mentioned by the Oracle Fish the two agree to help. Before heading off to Earth with Whis, Beerus gives Vegeta an earring which he says is to symbolise that he can use Hakai. Whis on the other hand, draws his signature symbol on Goku's Gi. After some familiar rival behaviour between the pair the two make their way back to Earth.

Inside Capsule Corporation, Macki steals the Dragon Radar but finds that they are not picking up a signal from Earths Dragon Balls. Oil reminds Macki about what Zuno had said earlier, the Cerealian Dragon Balls do not turn to stone. Goku and Vegeta return to Earth where they come face to face with the two Heeters members. Macki offers to take the two to the villain aboard their spaceship which features a swimming pool. Oil tells the two that it will take 18 days to reach planet Cereal and they should enjoy some gourmet cooking while they travel. While Goku eats and Vegeta continues to train in the pool, Macki contacts Granolah telling him that they found Frieza's location but that Frieza has been made aware of his intention to kill him. Macki tells him that Frieza has sent two Saiyan assassins his way and Granolah leaves his ship saying that after fifty years he can finally get revenge on the Saiyans that devastated his home world and slaughtered his kin.






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