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"The Hardest Time of His Death" (かいおうさまと、がんばるにんそんはん Kaiō-sama to, Ganbaru Shinin Son Gokū!, lit. "Do Your Best with Kaiō-sama, Dead Son Goku!") is the seventeenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred eleventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows King Kai. Above him is Goku chasing Bubbles.


Goku chases Bubbles

Goku informs Kaio about the Saiyans that are approaching the Earth. Using his antennae, Kaio estimates their arrival at 158 days. Goku panics, but Kaio assures him that 158 days is more than enough time, and claims 158 days of training under 10x Earth's gravity is equivalent to "a few thousand years" of training on Earth. To beat the Saiyans, Goku will need to surpass even Kaio himself, as even he is no match for them.

Goku's first test is to chase Kaio's pet monkey Bubbles. Goku removes his weighted clothing in order to gain a bit more speed, but still cannot manage to catch Bubbles. After dinner, Goku's told to put his weighted training clothes back on, as they will prove even more beneficial to his training.

Back on Earth, Gohan and Piccolo are preparing to sleep. Gohan remarks that Goku used to tell him that since his reincarnation, Piccolo is not as bad as he used to be. Gohan says he understands what his father meant, which visibly agitates Piccolo, who threatens that the next day of training will be even more grueling.

Forty days later, Goku finally manages to catch Bubbles. Kaio is so impressed, he starts to believe that Goku might even be capable of mastering the Kaio-ken, a technique that not even he himself could master.

Kami's training is complete

At The Lookout, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, Krillin and Yajirobe have completed their training, with Kami declaring they've all surpassed him. They are ordered to return to the earth to refine their training in the days leading up to the Saiyan's arrival. The chapter ends with Fortuneteller Baba meeting with Master Roshi and Bulma, unable to predict how the future will unfold.





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